Saturday, September 2, 2017

Germany, our second destination! We first went to a town called Black Forrest in Germany, there we performed a few hours after arrival at a church for the members and a youth group. I had the opportunity to pray and talk with many children and young teens. I talked with this little girl, who just pulled me towards her. She spoke no English but her father translated for me. She was just the sweetest little girl, she was always smiling. I got to pray for her. Later I saw as she walked away that she had bandages on her feet. It is amazing how God can give such joy to those who suffer.
Black Forest was a good intro for Germany.

We stayed for two incredible weeks at the YWAM base in Badblankenburg, the name of the YWAM base was called the (haffe) German for the harp. The Badblankenburg base main focus is refugee ministry.  However our main ministry focus in Badblankenburg was with a youth camp in Germany. We led and we're apart of the Bible study they had every morning, and we led workshops in dance, photography and drums. Our last week with the campers we had a talent show event at the camp, their the campers got to perform what they learned at the workshop. We built great relationships with the teens at the camp.
We performed at the YWAM base we were staying at for refugees living near by and the campers. It was a great opportunity to pray and minister to them, it also was a great ice breaker for the campers. During the ministry time at that show I had breakthrough, for the first time I had confidence that I could hear Gods voice. Lena, one of my staffers, and I spoke to four girls from the camp, we prayed for them and then gave words we had from the Lord to them.
We did many things during our time in Badblankenburg, such as spending time with the campers, walking in the local perade representing YWAM, and performing in the city hall for a conference that was happening that week.

At the stadthale (city hall) with some of the campers.

Performing at the city hall was so special because it was the same place Hitler spoke at many years ago. It was a great opportunity to walk in the opposite spirit and bless the city and fill the area with the spirit of love crushing the spirit of hate.

After Badblankenburg we went to Berlin for a week. There we really began to start our work with refugees. We performed at the refugees camp for them. Even though we couldn't really talk about Jesus to them, because we weren't aloud too, we got to bless them with our show and just show them love. We also got to do a bit of street evangelism in Berlin as well, we would dance a few pieces and then before the audience had a chance to leave someone from our team would share their testimony and we would dispers amount the crowd to share the gospel, and just talk.

Street evangelism at the heart of Berlin! Korean fan dance!

We got to perform with Tred again! We were thrilled to be with them again.

Before performing! Getting pumped!

Germany was a blessing time. I hope and pray for a revival in that beautiful land. I know God has amazing things in store for this country and I can't wait to see the fruit. God bless Germany ❤️

Sunday, July 30, 2017

It's been a couple of weeks that we've been on outreach and I cannot find words to describe my experience. Everything we are doing and all that I'm learning through this time is building me up in a way that I could never have experience if I had not joined Heartbridge.
I was sad to see lecture phase come to an end, but at the same time I was excited and nervous for outreach to begin. Part of me was eager to see what God has in store for me, but the other half was afraid to find out.

The week before we left for outreach Heartbridge had a community outreach at Hilo prison. It was a great experience for the team. I was so amazed at the whole experience of performing there. The prisoners were not allowed to come near us, and we had to wear super baggy clothes under or over our costumes, girls were not allowed to show our skin or figure. Even though it was a strange way to perform, the show went really well. The prisoners were so responsive to the show, they were an amazing audience. After the show we prayed for the prisoners. That night was a blessing to everyone involved.

Our travels to Europe went really smooth, it was fun and long. We had a lay over in London airport for 5 hours. Unfortunately we did not have the chance to leave the airport, so we were in London yet not really. We did however have pizza in one of the restaurants and spend about 30min trying to figure out if we needed to tip and how much. As you can imagine it was embarrassing and funny at the same time.

Finally when we arrived in Switzerland it was about midnight. We arrived at a quaint church in a little town called Vevey. Our host prepared mattresses for all 30 of the students and staff , not only that but we also were provided with showers at a school near by. The next morning I woke up to a clear view of the SwissAlps right outside the church, that was just the beginning.

We spent two amazing weeks in that beautiful country, performing at the Montreux Jazz Festival. We joined up with several different teams, many who performed too. It was great working with performers with different skills than us. It really gave a veriety to the shows. Every day Heartbridge and PhotogenX would walk to another church near ours, where our team met up with the other groups. There we had ministry training, like how to approach the subject of God to someone. It was so helpful because we learned practical steps on how to share our testimony or the gospel in a few minutes.
Than in the evenings was when the excitement began. Every night God would do some amazing things in the live of the people at the Montreux Jazz festival. It was an impactful two weeks for everyone. In Switzerland I really grew in my confidence. I saw that I really can approach people and talk about God. I never thought I would  see myself approached people who barely spoke English, or spoke non at all, to talk about God. I really grew in my love for children those two weeks as well. God really gave me many opportunities to work with kids and talk with them. He even led me and my friend, Marissa to these two sweet Islam children after one of our shows. We got to pray and talk with them.

When we left Switzerland it was difficult, I had gotten so use to the community of people I had been working with that when we (Heartbridge) left it felt strange. However I was excited and thrilled for our next destination. GERMANY!!!!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

My journey continues

Week 5 Holy Spirit week was spectacular, a Messianic Rabbi named Matthew Toler spoke to us on this topic. Some of my biggest take aways were how God pursues us after we sinned, we had a perfect relationship with God until the fall.  Often times Christians have this misconception that we are separated from God by sin, and we have to find him, however something Matthew brought up is that God is continually pursuing us, and we can only know God through God.

He spoke with such power and wisdom, he was one of my favorite speakers, and I felt honored to meet him and ask him questions. He gave me a different perspective on God. I walked away from week 5 with what I felt like was a better understanding of God and my relationship with him. He was such an animated speaker that could crack so many jokes. Throughout that week we laughed so much from the jokes he made, he kept our attention and it was a relaxed atmosphere. That Thursday Matthew prepared communion for us and we broke bread with him, he then prayed over us in Hebrew. Over all week 5 was a intense but an amazing week, I was sad to see the end of it.

Having communion with Matthew 

Goofing off Korean style with Matthew and photogenX school leader, Philip. 

Week 6  "the divine Plumbline" week

One of the Korean translator Malsoon Park spoke to us about the Divine Plumbline. (In english of course) Which is basically about knowing who we are in God. When we have fears we have not been perfect in love. In the Divine Plumbline,our fears are represented with bricks. The fears we have, build walls around our hearts that prevents us from receiving love. This week was so structured, but very personal. It was a week to really give our fears to God, to be set free from them. Though it's still a constant battle to surrender our fears to the Lord, I have a better understanding of my fears and how to address them.

Week 7 Identity and Worldview:
This week was another one of my favorite speakers Joseph Avakian. He spoke basically on how society and individuals put themselves in a box. A box of limitation, and many times we put God in a box. If we are bound by our limitations we keep God from working in us.
If you have the correct image of God, you will have the correct image of yourself and that is when God can do great things through us. When we have freedom in God, we allow ourselves to co-create with him. I mean how awesome is that!!! We can go farther then imaginable with our ideas and skills when we work with God.
Joseph is a graphic designer, he actually was the artist who design YWAM's logo, so as an artist he shared his experience of co-creating with God and how even in the art world, people can limit themselves to boxes. As an artist and dancer this was such a eye opening week, and I am so excited to co-create with God.

Monday, May 1, 2017

I'm ready for an exciting adventure

I finished my third week here at YWAM Kona! All I can say is I am right where I am suppose to be. The atmosphere here is such a wholesome and loving one. I feel so blessed and privileged to be apart of this community. The people here LOVE God so much, I am encouraged to know God more every day. The people here are so sensitive to Gods voice, I am overwhelming by his presence.

When I got off the plane all I could do was pray that God would show me where to go next. I was not about to get lost at the airport. Luckily As soon as I got my luggage I found more YWAMers, so I didn't feel lonely for long. When I entered the campus I was overwhelmed by the welcome I received. I felt at home immediately, and I am finding out that that is just how YWAM is, always welcoming.

My first shot of the flags. Each flag represents the nations of the students on campus.

All the girls in my school, Heartbridge, DTS (Discipleship Training School) are my roommates and I have become so close to them already. They are my Ohana, and as the weeks go by we draw closer to one another, as we should.

Our first visit to the beach. Us Heartbridge girls

Good Friday! 

We share our common room with another DTS (Photogenx) and we love just hanging out as one big group. At night, girls from both schools come together to read the bible together. It is just a great bonding time after a long day of lectures and classes.

I am so amazed at how much I have learned about God in just 3 weeks. I knew I would be challenged here, but this new journey is more than I could ever imagine.  Praise Jesus! My YWAM family is such a blessing to me. The staff and my fellow classmates are an amazing group of people. Think of a community of people who have this fantastic hunger for the Lord, and you got the perfect image of the people I am surrounded by.

Heartbridge family <3 

Heartbridge and Photogenx family. Two DTS one family

Heartbridge is a performing arts DTS. So week one consisted of audition and callbacks  for the production we are going to perform on outreach, it's about the prodigal son. It is quite remarkable, this production we are doing. It is filled with a verity of cultures and styles, but at the same time the messages it portrays is so impacting.

Week two was about inner healing. We heard Tom and Donna Cole, the writers of a book called Pure Heart, which speak about the process of giving our past pains to God and being made new by him. They spoke on forgiveness and confession, but their main focused was on healing from pains of the past, it was a time to let everything go.

Week three: This week, one of our school leaders Philip Lin spoke about hearing God's voice. Personally I really enjoyed this week because I really got to focus on prayer and communicating with God. Through this week I realized more and more that communicating with God is all about our relationship with him. I never fully realized that God still communicates to us the way he did in the bible, but he really does. He speaks to us through thoughts, words, touch any number of ways. One of the things Philip said that sticks to my mind is, when we spend more time listening to God, we are more sensitive to his voice. God speaks to me all the time I just need to open my ears to hear.

Everything at YWAM is about building your relationship with God, then sharing that gift with others. The only way to make him known to others is if you know him first. I am excited to see what God has in store for me these coming weeks.

Well that kind of sums my time here at YWAM so far. I didn't cover half the stuff I wanted to, but that is because there is so much that I could talk about but than this blog would be way to long. I could probably write a book of thoughts, memories, and experiences that I had at YWAM that I will treasure forever.

Germany, our second destination! We first went to a town called Black Forrest in Germany, there we performed a few hours after arrival at a ...